Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Street Seen Sleeping Bag Appeal Xmas 2004

Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent Street Seen Sleeping Bag Appeal,

This was an urgent appeal for basic essential items that we all take for granted, as the weather gets colder and colder there was a pressing need for warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and basic foodstuffs to be distributed out to those most in need over the Christmas period and beyond. The response was phenomenal with over 300 Sleeping bags, Duvets and blankets so far donated with 40 large bags of warm clothes and 50 sets of Scarves gloves with still more donations to be collected over the next couple of weeks

All items donated so far have already been distributed to the East Belfast Mission, The Welcome Centre (W Belfast), Home Plus and other outreach groups that work directly with the homeless Community on our Street. These groups work 365 days of the year tackling the root causes of homelessness and deserve the highest of praise and support for the work they do in all weathers and times. Street Seen, Belfast’s very own homeless paper will endeavour to support these groups as best as we can. Thanks to all who donated to the appeal we have gathered enough items that should last for the next couple of months

Jon Glackin…. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to Street Seens Appeal, we established our paper to directly involve the local homeless community, our vendors and all associated with the paper have worked their socks off making this appeal so successful, so many people have rang with donations and help that we have managed to gather enough basic items that should last for the next couple of months. We intend to continue the Appeal all year round as Homelessness is an all year round symptom of the Poverty that exists on our streets. I have been humbled by peoples support of this campaign and Street Seen will continue to develop projects that directly involve and assist our homeless community

Davy Carlin…We would like to thank you for all your support for the Street Seen initiative taken recently to collect sleeping bags and warm clothes for homeless persons. The initiative itself was helped in part also by the large media coverage we got from the newspapers - radio and television as so to publicise and cover it. Although Street Seen is only on its second issue its print run is 10,000 copies. The publication affords space to those who may not find space afforded elsewhere for their stories, poetry etc as well as providing an avenue for more established writers to put out their message.

Special thanks to…Anthony Glackin, Terri Hooley, Frankie Connolly, All at the NIAPN, Housing Rights Service, Quality Dry Cleaners, Portadown and all who donated or helped in any way to make the Appeal a success..


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