Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dublin Rally: The Aftermath!

After a very successful rally that was held on Saturday 17th September that was attended by around 300 people, the first homeless organising street meeting was held at St. Stephens Green Bandstand.

This was a new concept whereby homeless people came together to organise future activities in the Street Seen 'No More Deaths On Our Streets' campaign. This was a new concept in so far that, for once, people directly affected by homelessness had a vehicle to communicate and organise...So far we have had 3 street meetings and will be holding them regularly

The Homeless Are Revolting!! Come Join Them..!!

It was decided that we had to raise the profile of our activities publically, loudly and target directly the decision makers that have created the conditions that confines so many people to Irelands Streets.

Our group has been invited to address the Dublin Housing Commitee meeting that will be held on Monday 26th September. Imagine that, Homeless people actually communicating directly our concerns and demands for better funding of existing services and more funds to be made available to develop real solutions!! Whatever next, they might listen!!!

Simple solutions for Complex Problems...

On Tuesday 27th September Street Seen will be holding a Solidarity Sleep Out in front of the Dail (Parliament) as it reopens from another of their long breaks. We intend to be the first people those TDs (MPs) have to face at the Dail as they come back from their holidays...We will keep this campaign to the forefront of their mind.

No more passive support we want Active Support!

On Monday 3rd October an Emergency motion is to be submitted on our behalf to Dublin City Council meeting October 3rd on behalf of Sinn Fein Group that we expect and demand cross party support..'

That this City Council calls on the government to refrain from selling the former UCD Veterinary College, Dublin 4 and instead allocate it to Dublin City Council with a view to alleviating the housing crisis in the city

The Government is to announce shortly that it is to sell the former UCD Veterinary College which stands on a site of 2.1 acres fronting on to both Pembroke Road and Shelbourne Road. It is likely to make over €100 million.
Further Details:

Street Seen, Irish Anti-Poverty paper has now been recognised by the Dublin City Council Community Forums as the official voice of Dublins Homeless Community. We intend to make that voice heard loudly and clearly!!

We have gathered up amazing support for our campaign and this is only the start....


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