Friday, October 28, 2005

The Homeless are Still Revolting!!

An audio interview with tommy; arriving up from the country to the big city with nowhere to turn, learning from the streets, what needs to be done to resolve this problem... mins long

Pics and more details@

More images from Street Seen's street actions:

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Homeless In Revolt!!

From deaths on the streets, to a protest on the streets, to community organisation, to a sleep out, to a REVOLT

brendans view of the struggle
8.07 min
brendan works with the city council community forum and has been working at a local grassroots level with the cities homeless

eddie and chris, both homeless- whats going on today

terry and keno
keno (homeless for @ 22 years) grilles senator terry leydon on what the government is doing about the problem

jon glackin
founder of street seen gives the history of the development of this "revolt"

2.00pm update from jon glackin
44 seconds
tds chatting to the lads, lots of media focusing on it, cut short as jon went over to gerry adams who came over to the lads

SF councilor daithi doolan speaks to the lads
There will be an emergency Street Seen motion that he and the homeless community wish to pass through the council

FG enda kenny and homeless
he gives his reasons on how he thinks he can change matters

anthony talks with green leader trevor sergeant
3.32 min
a proposal to run a homeless candidate in next election??


previous imc feature
No More Deaths On Our Streets

led to the demonstration on Saturday, Sep 17 2005
No More Deaths On Our Streets

Well Done & Report on Today's Rally

photos of day, part audio recording of speeches and radio interview with Theresa


1-members of the homeless community, politicians, punks, street seen people, social centre people addressed the crowd.
battery ran out - aplogies

2-Theresa has been homeless for over 30 years on Dublins streets, she has seen the changes with the arrival of heroin, the arrival of the celtic tiger, she has seen many friends in her homeless family die
52 mins

More Sounds from Homeless in Washington DC and Street Seen Dublin
by RobbieS Saturday, Oct 1 2005, 8:52pm

The first clip is a 4 minute interview with the homeless athlete and performer Gary Wilf ('Chill Will') recorded in Washington DC on Sun September 25th.

To listen on broadband (128kbps/FMQuality) click

The second clip is about 17 minutes and is a series of interviews with some of those attending the Street Seen sleepover at the gates of Dáil Éireann, recorded at around 11 p.m., Tuesday September 27th.

To hear this clip on broadband immediately (128kbps/FMQuality), click next link

Notice in this clip that some scathing things are said about authorities and charities alike, but no government bullying could ensue because; we didn't ask 'who are you?' knowing that we're all equal in our humanity.

To download via 56k modem visit the final link and right click either of the two mp3-links and "save target as"...

Special thanks to all who have helped!